The Best outdoor gifts to give to campers, hikers, and climbers this Christmas.

The Best outdoor gifts to give to campers, hikers, and climbers this Christmas.

Now that Halloween is done and dusted, our sights are now beginning to set onto the Christmas season that is finally coming over the horizon.

With Christmas being just two small months away, now is the perfect time to start planning your Christmas shopping gift list to avoid that all dreaded last minute panic.

For many, gift giving is a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be.

Start planning now, and find gifts that your loved ones will truly appreciate.

This year you can give gifts that are; practical, useful, and have the ability to be used to create magical memories.

Gifts that your kids, family, and friends can use on their adventures are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and be a real useful tool for their next adventure.

And with this gift guide you cannot go wrong, no matter the age of the receiver.

No more last minute impersonal and tacky gifts: discover gifts that craft adventures and memories and are personal to the receiver.

Sound good?

Let’s get started on planning your gift list for those looking for camping equipment, hiking kit, or a way of bring the outdoors inside and into their homes:

Camping equipment

Sleeping bag: RRP $32.99

Keep your loved ones toastie warm on their future camping expeditions.

This 4 season, mummy style sleeping bag is sure to be a winner.

They are ultralightweight, easy to pack up small and compact in its small compression sack, and has a special pillow sleeve to sneak the additional home comfort of a pillow into their cosy winter sleeping bag.

It’s hood and high quality material will keep all your little campers warm for a good nights sleep, even from as low as zero degrees Celsius!

This patterned print is always a popular winter sleeping bag for kids.

Camping chair: RRP $32.99

camping chair

Having your own throne to lounge in makes camping the relaxing treat your loved ones are after.

This chair is simple to construct, but what your loved ones will marvel at most is its ability to also fold down into a compact, lightweight, and easy to pack or carry chair.

Don’t let the lightweight aluminium poles deceive you; this chair is extremely heavy duty and will last the adventure of a lifetime.

A handy portable chair is the chair they never knew they needed, until you wrapped it up with a bow for them. 

Fire starter kit: RRP £14.63

fire starter kits

These adorable fire starters are great for starting bonfires but can also be used in fireplaces at home when your friends want to bring the outdoors inside.

Carefully crafted from natural and organic ingredients, these fire starts smell great and are a quick and efficient way to light up a fire at record speed.

Just burn them around firewood and they will have an impressive fire in no time. Time efficient and convenient are words not usually used with fires, but with these fire starters they will be.

They are homemade and look delicious enough to eat!

(Please do not eat these—they are NOT edible despite looking like cupcakes)

Toasting fork: RRP £4.50

Toasting marshmallows

Toasting marshmallows on a fire is camping rule number one.

A luxurious evening sweet treat can be made even more enjoyable for your camping friends with their own personalised roasting stick, but not just any roasting stick; one with an extendable arm!

These particular toasting forks are handmade and can extend up to thirty two inches. The length is ideal for helping kids toast their own marshmallows from a safer distance for their little fingers.

These toasting forks are incredibly easy to clean, and they fold up nice and small so that your friends can tuck it away with their camping utensils.

Now your loved ones, can out do everyone else’s DIY toasting twigs with their new toasting stick and be very happy about it.  

Hiking tools

Travel bag: RRP $9.99

Travel bag

This travel bag is ideal for shorter trips including short hikes, field trips, and holding your essentials through the airport.

You can still chuck in the essentials, just without the need for a heavy rucksack. Having a smaller bag that still contains the essentials allows the wearer to enjoy a more freeing and liberating journey – no big heavy bag weighing them down.

Not only is this travel bag totally waterproof, but the series of pockets makes this travel purse a convenient and comfortable bag for hiking.

Depending on the adventure, the multi-position buckles enables the wearer to position this bag in a variety of ways: from fanny pack to an across the body sling bag, this bag will become an exploring essential.

Walking socks: RRP £4.99

Walking socks

All adventurers need socks for their feet to carry them on their journeys.

But this year, give socks with a meaning.

These practical and warm socks will keep their feet happy, but your personalised message on them will keep their hearts happy too.

The design means their feet will be well cushioned, and the fabric also allows for breathability, arch support, and blister protection.

These are socks with love. The added personal touch makes these socks an incredibly thoughtful gift that your loved ones will treasure.

Picnic blanket: RRP $14.99

picnic blanket

When out for walks, or camping trips, it is always handy to have a place to sit right?

With a picnic blanket everyone can squeeze on to keep their bottoms warm and dry.

With this triple layered and waterproof blanket your friends are sure to be impressed when they unwrap this.

This picnic blanket is a lovely soft fleece that is easy fold, and has a wipeable bottom that is easy to clean. Having this blanket will make picnics with the family much simpler and pleasant experience for all.

A blanket is always a handy thing to always keep in your rucksack or car in case of impromptu adventures and picnic stops so one can never have too many making them an ideal gift.

Life straw water filter: RRP $19.98

Life straw water filter

A simple life saving water filter and purification device.

If your loved ones ever get stuck and stranded without water, the life straw can allow them to drink water from any nearby stream or river without fear.

However, the life straw doesn’t have to be used in life or death situation though. The life straw can be great fun to use out and about, it makes an adventure seem more extreme and thrilling by adding an additional activity to a hike. It only takes a minute to filter every 3 litres.

The Life Straw works by removing the bacteria in water with its inner filtering and purification process.

Impressively just one straw can filter up to as much as 4,000 litres of water.

Headtorch in a hat: RRP £7.99


Yes headtorches are great… but having them in a hat is so much more convenient for your camping friends.

An all in one bit of kit means they’ll never forget to pack their torch. And, having it fixed in a hat is much more comfortable to wear than the usual elastic strap design.

The beanie’s LED torch is USB rechargeable and the headlight can last up to 10 hours, allowing 10 hours of hand free sight. And would you believe, the beanie is washable!

Your friends are bound to be impressed by this clever and comfortable bit of hiking kit.

Bring the outdoors indoors

When your loved ones can’t always find the time to adventure, these thoughtful gifts will keep them inspired…

Coasters: RRP £25.00


These laser etched, map themed coasters are sure to keep your outdoorsy friends inspired.

The unique map etching is designed to order and will bring their adventurous side into their home in a subtle and beautiful way.

Made from authentic wood, these are a delicate and homely gift your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

Scented candles: RRP £15.95 

Scented candles

Make the inside smell fresh like the outside on days you can’t venture out and about.

Who doesn’t want to bottle up one of their favourite smells to take with them everywhere?

If you can get a scented candle from your loved ones favourite outdoor location, you’ll be at the top of their thankyou card list.

S’mores kit: RRP: £25.56

S’mores kit

These City Bonfires are a contained and controlled fire that is perfect for making s’mores at home or out on adventures.

The hand crafted City Bonfires started as a business during the pandemic to bring the outdoors whilst we couldn’t go out, but are now a really handy tool for social s’mores.

These will make a fantastic stocking filler for adventurous kids (and adults).


If you want to wow your friends with sustainable outdoor gifts that they’ll keep reusing trip after trip, then by getting them an item or two off this adventure friendly gift list will have them thinking you’re the best gift giver EVER.

Never assume that gift giving to campers and walkers is hard and that they’ve already got the kit they need, because they are and will always looking for tool to make their lives simpler… and upgrade the comfort levels of their kit. Hopefully this gift list proves that.

Your outdoorsy friends will appreciate your interest in their hobbies, and will love using an adventure friendly tool that you’ve kindly picked out for them this Christmas.

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