About Us

Like most adventure stories, our journey began with a passion, a dream and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Back in 2000 at the university of volunteers, two UT MBA students with a deep love for nature decided to bring their dream of adventuring the outdoors to life. What started as an outdoor camping gear business for adults soon evolved into something far richer, exciting and more fun! Amidst their weekend camping trips with friends and family, they began to notice the very limited options for kiddos. The camping gear was either low quality or completely boring, with zero creativity within the design.

This is where KidzAdventure was born. An outdoor camping, games and toy company dedicated to putting the fun, joy and adventure back into the wild outdoors. Blending functionality, durability and quirky design, we’re all about providing a top-quality camping and outdoor experience, without compromising on play.

Because after all, it’s only through the playful smiles, fun memories and adventurous hearts that turn the wild outdoors into a big adventure.