How to Have an Indoor Camping Experience: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Have an Indoor Camping Experience: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Have an Indoor Camping Experience: A Beginner’s Guide 

Camping in itself is an amazing experience. Owing to the fact that we're mostly caught up with tasks and or errands, camping can prove to be an amazing opportunity to get away from it all. It allows individuals to attain a fresh start while also taking into account the things that truly matter. 

Camping helps individuals delve deeper into the beauty of nature while leaving behind their dependency on modern gadgets. In this manner, it is a time of fulfillment where people can get away from social media and stop relying on their phones and laptops. 

The Coronavirus: A Growing Concern for Campers Worldwide

As stated before, people can't wait to get away from it all and at times have to wait days upon days to get to go outside to camp. However, amidst the recent spread of the Coronavirus, campers may be even more anxious since they aren't allowed access to most camping grounds. Camping outside is not being promoted nowadays, primarily to avoid large crowds of people, consequently increasing the spread of the virus. 

It may take some time for things to normalize. Hence camping enthusiasts may need to wait before going outside to camp. Nevertheless, just because you can't go camping doesn't mean you can't bring the "camping" to you.

Camping indoors has taken campers by storm and is now being proven as massively convenient for camping enthusiasts, busy parents, and busy individuals alike. Also, since it is much more accessible for adults and children who can’t wait to camp, camping indoors is proving to be the next big thing.  

Benefits of Camping Indoors

Camping indoors or at home has its fair share of benefits. Considering that we as individuals face various time constraints and or other commitments, camping out isn't always ideal. Furthermore, by camping indoors, there are numerous benefits that most individuals can take into accounts.

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Some of the benefits in terms of camping indoors are as under:

Added Convenience

Camping inside doesn’t always have to be all bad. Camping within the parameters of one’s home allows for an added element of convenience. Since camping at home allows immediate access to the restrooms and towards sleeping comfortably, camping inside can be much more convenient while also allowing people to participate in camping activities that they hold dear.

Some of the enjoyable home-based camping activities may include: singing, engaging in group discussions, cooking delicious meals, or listening to music together. 


When it comes to practicality, camping indoors knows no bounds. Camping indoors or even in the backyard of an individual's home may be much more practical since there would be no need to drive to a camping site. The need to carry camping equipment and other important resources altogether would also be eliminated.

By camping indoors, people can easily move back inside their homes and grab whatever they need, be it food items or practically anything at all. Although camping inside doesn't always present the same camping experience that individuals may look forward to, the significance of camping indoors is not to be undermined.

Higher Accessibility

Another thing to note about camping within the sanctity of an individual's own home is higher accessibility. This indicates that individuals can readily camp indoors whenever they want. Campers don't need to pack any camping gear or prepare for all of their endeavors by choosing to do so. People can choose to lay out their sleeping kits in their living room and instantaneously start with any camping activities that they have in store.

Can Cater to More People

Going out to camp may often be troublesome due to a number of different issues. For one, people may need to drive to their camping site, set up their tents, and prepare a fire, which may take several hours. However, if a camp is planned indoors, preparation is made much more convenient. In this way, indoor camping can cater to a higher number of people. Moreover, camping grounds can fit a limited number of people and don't always comprise people you know. 

Nevertheless, a backyard or home-based camping trip can fit a large number of people while also accompanying only those you know and can easily engage with.

Increased Level of Comfort

An important thing to note about indoor camping is that it might be much more comfortable than camping outdoors. You may need to plan well sometime in advance while also exposing yourself to certain safety risks in the forest by camping outdoors. On the other hand, indoor camping allows people to plan their trip at the eleventh hour and can be deemed much easier to manage.

Another thing to consider regarding camping at home or camping indoors is that it can allow for individuals to move away from the trip and utilize any of their already existing facilities at will. An outdoor camping trip doesn't grant campers the luxury to move away from the trip instantly since packing up and going home may take hours.

Having an Entire Camping Experience Indoors

In order to conduct an entire camping experience inside of your own home, you can take multiple options into account. A home-based camping trip doesn't need to be about fancy tents, sleeping bags, or cooking food on a fire. It can simply include the act of sitting in your backyard with your loved ones while staring at the stars and sharing stories.

When we talk about camping inside, people don’t necessarily need to cook food either. They can simply order takeaway or get their favorite dishes delivered to them. This would also lead to less people fussing over when they’ll get to eat their food.

Moreover, for people who have children and are crazy about camping trips, a camping trip could revolve around friends and families sitting around a campfire, placed in the middle of a backyard. In addition, sleeping arrangements aren't much of a bother either when it comes to indoor camping. Some adults and children can sleep in tents or bags placed in the backyard or driveway, while the other adults and younger children sleep inside the house.

If you happen to be someone who wishes to have a camping trip indoors or within the territory of your home, in general, here are some ways you can work on enhancing your camping experience. 

Host a Movie-Night Camping Trip

Working on hosting a movie-night camping trip can prove to be an amazing yet cost-effective idea for people who don't find the time to plan an extensive trip. A movie-night camping trip can be an ideal plan to entertain the kids while also allowing an opportunity to get together with some old friends.

If you do plan on hosting a similar idea, all you'll need to do is place your television outside along with your speakers while setting up a small campfire on the side. After viewing the movie's entirety, you can listen to songs and work on cooking sausages or any other delectable dish.

Plan a Virtual Camping Trip

With the emergence of the digital era, nearly everything has started moving online. The rise of the Coronavirus has only further motivated people to move most of their activities to a virtual platform, be it their education or simply enjoying a concert. In this way, you can wear a Virtual Reality headset and experience it by viewing different videos on YouTube. The entire act of doing so will help you dig deeper into the essence of what camping truly is.  

Plan for Your Future Camping Ventures

If you can't plan your trip indoors for any reason, you can always plan for the future and propose an idea for an upcoming camping venture. By looking at different campsites and all of your options for food items and camping gear, you're likely to get into the camping spirit and enjoy the experience as it is. Moreover, this would further pump you and your family up for the camping trip to come.

Camp Inside Your RV

If the idea of camping indoors isn't something you particularly enjoy, you can choose to camp inside your RV if you own one. An RV mainly referred to as the vehicle that people take up to camping grounds, is an exceptional place to camp, considering that it has an adequate level of space for people to sleep and interact with one another. Additionally, you can park your RV anywhere you want and start camping there and then, be it outside or within your driveway.

Final Words

Camping is an enjoyable experience as a whole and is cherished by people of all ages. It isn't restricted to certain countries either and is mostly enjoyed by people on a global level. Be it as such, the recent pandemic has posed certain risks and completely changed the way we, as individuals, perceive life.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, camping outside isn't as much of a formidable option at this moment in time. Nonetheless, you can always bring the camping experience to yourself by camping indoors. It may be noteworthy to mention that there are hard and fast rules for camping. It's primarily the spirit that counts.


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