What Are Some Beach Essentials For A Family?

What Are Some Beach Essentials For A Family?

What Are Some Beach Essentials For A Family?

With summer running towards us, it's only fair that we plan well in advance and get ahead of ourselves. After all, nothing resonates more greatly with summer unless we visit the beach with our families, bask in the sun, build sandcastles, and have the time of our lives.

Especially now, seeing that the grasp of the coronavirus too is gradually slipping, it is all the more needed that you plan your vacation on the beach accordingly, so that you can catch up on all that time of fun which you had to end up missing on unfortunately owing to social distancing rules and regulations.

We warrant that you will have a vivid insight into all the beach essentials you need by the end of this article! From beach chairs to beach tents, we will be tackling everything! So stay tuned, and continue having fun!

What safety and hygiene gear should you take along?

Before we move onto the beach chairs and tents, which you should undoubtedly be purchasing, let's give you an insight into the safety gear first.

  • Sunscreen:

More of a necessity in modern times, you have to make sure that you and your family are safeguarded from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can contribute to skin cancer, and showcase early signs of aging if you aren't careful. Be sure to apply it lavishly, and reapply every 2-3 hours for optimal sun protection.

  • First aid kit:

Kids will be kids, and we can never be too careful with them. You have to ensure that their safety is your priority; hence, a first aid kit should be with you.

  • Reusable diapers:

Another must-have staple that needs to be on your hygiene bucket. Perhaps later in the day, you might set some beach chairs and start barbecuing. There is no shortage of possibilities that you can explore when you're having fun, which is why being safer is better than sorry later on.

Therefore, plan your trip accordingly and ensure that you have adequate diapers in-store if your kid is of that age.

  • Life jackets:

Life jackets are another essential – you can purchase them from stores such as Walmart or Target, and they will certainly last you a lifetime! You or your family might like to indulge in the depths of the water; perhaps you are an avid swimmer or want to go diving. Whatever the cause may be, life jackets are your unparalleled companions in ensuring that you lead a safe, fun day without any unexpected casualties.

What is some Beach Gear which you can utilize?

Going what any beach gear on a trip is like entering a war without an adequate arsenal. In this case, we have just the items that you need; they are cost-friendly, reusable several times, and are lightweight, which means you have nothing to lose and so much to benefit from in the first place!

  • Beach Tents:

It is only fair that if you go to Hapuna Beach or Maui, you may want to spend the night there and appreciate the scenery around you. Now, couping yourself up with your kids in the car won’t bring you any good. It will be highly uncomfortable, and to be fair, your kids won’t get that beach experience that you wanted them to either.

Beach Tent

Therefore, we present to you with a pleasant alternative, in the form of a beach tent. The more spacious and breathable the tent is, the greater the fun. With an SPF 50+UV protection, this beach tent, courtesy of Kidz Adventure, is bound to be your best friend. You are also protecting yourself against any unwanted rays of the sun and unexpected weather conditions, as the tent is PU800 waterproof.

Moreover, setting it up is also as easy as binging on a slice of pie: it takes less than five minutes and boasts perfect ventilation screens. Hence, you get a good night's sleep and guarantee your kids an unforgettable adventure. Still, you also get an opportunity to marvel at the beautiful view with them and spend some quality time together.

  • Beach Towels:

We cannot stress more upon the significance of these. You should have them in bulk when you're going to the beach. This is because when your child, or for that matter, you are wet and need to wipe off, then a towel is a more suitable option.

Just allocate one towel for each kid of yours, and make sure that they are different, to avoid conflicts, because let's be honest: as parents, we'd rather prefer our children to be at peace, and for us to enjoy, rather than anything else.

  • A beach mat:

When you are there with your kids and a basket full of food, we are sure that you want to take advantage of the situation. This will only be a possibility when your food is safe from getting caught up in the sand—solely having zip lock bags won't get the job done for you if your food keeps hitting the sand.

Hence, this is where a beach mat comes to your rescue – you can find them in waterproof and compact sizes, thereby making it easier to carry them around. They will act as the base, which will ensure that your food doesn't end up becoming a victim to the sand.

  • Sleeping Bags:

It does get cold on the beach at night, especially if you are thinking of camping over there. For this very reason, our suggestion is that you purchase some good old adventure-themed sleeping bags. Your kids won’t be able to sleep comfortability if they don't have a sleeping bag that closely aligns with their needs.

If you take blankets over there, instead of stacking up on some sleeping bags, then the chances are that you may lose them or that they might be a little heavy, which will only add to the weight.

Therefore, the prudent choice is to seek a lightweight item that fits your child easily and makes sure that they will be able to have a cozy night ahead. This is why these sleeping bags, via Kidz Adventure, are excellent. They even come with a pillow sleeve so that your child can insert either a pillow or their favorite stuffed animal toy there. Moreover, as it is only 2LB in size, your little ones can carry it easily, and that too without any potential hassle involved.

Moreover, there are also many sizes you can choose from, which will take your beach camping idea a step further, and by the time it ends, you will be relishing all the memories you have made with your kids and spouse.

Now that we have discussed the above in-depth, one more item without which your beach stay will be incomplete is beach chairs.

Why should Beach Chairs be an important item while planning your trip?

Some of the reasons which have us head over heels with beach chairs are that they:

  • Prolong your relaxation by endowing you and your family with unlimited fun
  • Are cost-saving because you won’t have to rent them every few hours
  • They majorly comprise of nylon, which makes them breathable
  • They are meant to be used by kids, teens, and adults alike
  • These chairs are easy to dismantle and save up on time immensely

Having shed light on the above, beach chairs are imperative, and if they are classy, they even look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. However, the issue that many faces are that they aren't that sturdy – they might end up breaking if a lot of weight is levied on them, which is precisely why you have to make a highly prudent choice in this regard.

Beach Chairs

Kidz Adventure provides you with the perfect beach chairs, which can seamlessly accommodate both teens and adults alike. They weigh over 250lbs, get assembled in a jiffy, and contain a beautiful, eye-catching pattern to them, which elegantly blends in with the surroundings you are likely to encounter at a beach.

The Bottom Line: It Ain’t Summer If You Don’t End Up At A Beach!

A key tip to remember is that only you can make it exhilarating for your kids whenever you are at the beach. In a world where we have been swamped with technological innovations and advancements, your kids need you more than ever to be there and give them company.

It is moments like thee, such as setting up beach chairs, or going snorkeling with them, which they too, along with you, are going to be remembered decades from now. So make the most of these precious moments, have fun, and do not compromise on your safety.

If you need any additional information regarding beach chairs, tents, and other items we are selling, we will be happy to offer you our assistance.

We hope to get the opportunity to serve you. In the meantime, please take a moment to browse our website and witness what exciting goodies we have currently in store for you!

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