How do you plan your Kid’s Spring Break?

How do you plan your Kid’s Spring Break?

School breaks and holidays are something all children look forward to. Parents also do to in the sense of not having to prepare lunches or wake up early to send the little monsters to school. However, one thing parents also dread is having those little monsters at home and keeping them entertained all day long.

Kids get bored really easily and can whine about it all the time; however, it is also very easy to entertain them with even the slightest distractions or changes in activities.

With Covid19 emerging two years back, the concept of spring break, which happens to be a weeklong holiday, got limited to within the four walls of the house. However, with the vaccine rolled out now, there are a couple of places outdoors which you and your family should definitely try.

Breaks are very important for children. While the education system has easier means to study now, it has also gotten tougher than it was. Hence, parents should ensure that the well-deserved break their kids get should be spent with the best activities and keeping them entertained. If your kids’ spring break is about to start, we have some great ideas that will help you keep your children entertained throughout the week.

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Why are Breaks important for children?

It is no secret that breaks are important in all work phases of life, whether you are a professional employee in a company or a seventh-grader at school. Your work and academic life hold a lot of expectations from you, and within that burden of work and expectations, people can sometimes become burned out.

Burnouts are real, and hence to prevent that, taking breaks from everyday work or academic life is very important.

Children are already in their growing phase and hence providing them with breaks that give them time to focus on other things apart from their school work helps them grow mentally. Moreover, it is healthier in terms of better sleep, a more relaxed mind and maintaining your vitals and gives you a chance to perform better because, after a well-deserved break, people tend to become more productive.

Not only is it important in terms of your physical health, but springs break helps you keep your mental health in check too. So with the gorgeous season of spring, make sure your children utilize their well-deserved spring break.

How to plan your Kids’ Spring Break?

Planning your kids’ break is a task for sure, especially when you have the little ones who get bored easily. While older children tend to pass their time with gadgets and other resources, the little ones need utmost attention.

However, letting your older ones’ be exposed to a lot of technology and gadgets during their break isn’t good too. So what do you do?

Well, children love some quality family time or learning new things. So before spring breaks start, make sure you sit with your children and enlist a couple of things that they really want to do or places they really want to go in their short break.

Once the break starts, take out the list and try to do the things that are possible at the moment. If you wonder what activities you can do with your children during their break, let us come to your rescue. Below we have some activities which you and your children can do and keep yourself entertained and occupied this time. 

Activities to do

There are many things you can do with your children this break, depending upon your resources and availability. You can either have fun at home or go out from time to time. A break is a well-deserved time for kids and hence make sure they enjoy it before heading back into their academic year.

Outdoor Activities

While Covid19 ruined the outdoor experiences last year, you still have this year to make up for it. The warmer and pleasant weather calls for a day out, and if you and your family love to spend time outdoors, then we have a couple of things in mind that you can do.

Stepping away from the house and changing your environment not only refreshes your mind but can be beneficial in your kids’ learning purposes too. 

  • Camping:

The warmer season calls for pitching in some tents. Camping is a great family activity, and it doesn’t matter where you are camping. It can be either in a camping area, a forest or even in your backyard. What matters is that you enjoy it to the most and let your kids know tips and tricks related to it. It not only is a fun activity which the children will take an interest in but learn a lot from it as well.

  • Go on a picnic:

While camping can be an overnight thing, some may not prefer it; a picnic is a great option. Head out to a park or near a stream and makes some picnic goodies too. Spending quality time on a picnic under the blue sky with your family is definitely refreshing. Take some board or card games, or just talk about each other’s lives. 

  • Short Courses:

Along with breaks come some short courses too. Many places offer short courses for children during their break season. It can be two to three days or a week long. So if your child is interested in some activity or course and really wants to learn, now will be the best time to enroll them. 

Indoor Activities

We understand if you don’t plan on going outdoors and are still taking the necessary precautions because of the ongoing circumstances. However, not stepping out doesn’t mean you will miss out on things. There are a lot of great activities you can do within the four walls of your house. Here are some great activities:

  • Pillow Fort:

If you have little kids who are on holiday, go old school with them. Kids love a good old fort made from blankets and pillows despite whatever generation they are from. Help them form a castle of their own and watch them stay inside it for the rest of the day. Kids love forts, and we are sure they will be eating, sleeping and playing inside them that day, and you can easily complete your housework all while keeping them occupied.

  • Painting:

Don’t let your kids sit idle, and let them be creative. Buy a few small canvases, brushes and paints and let your little Picasso express them on paper. Painting is one of the greatest ways to be expressive and is also a great form of therapy. So, give your kids some brushes for a few hours and let them paint their thoughts away.

  • Baking:

All kids love a good old chocolate cake, and what greater joy will be for them if they help you make one?

Try out baking with your kids and let them help you. Not only will they feel involved in the process and good about their skills in baking, but they will also enjoy that cake more.

So getting their hands and clothes dirty in that flour will be a great activity for them.

Family Activities

Holidays despite whichever they are, mean some family quality time. Spending time with your family is one of the greatest joys in life, and the memories you make during that time are truly irreplaceable.

Here are some amazing ideas to spend quality time with your family and make some amazing memories.

  • Movie Night:

One great idea for a family night is binge-watching some movies. Decide the genre and select a few movies beforehand. Microwave some popcorn, buy some junk food and then don’t move from in front of that screen.

You will have some good laughs and a few scares in this activity, but it will be an amazing night for sure.

  • Family and Board Games:

Indulging yourself and your kids in some family games or board games every night can be a great activity. If you make this a routine during the break, your kids’ definitely will look forward to spending hours playing the board game with you.

Family board games are fun indoor activities and are a great way to spend quality time. 

  • Old Pictures:

Reminisce through old pictures and videos of when your kids were little and share some stories related to the pictures and incidents associated with it. Children, despite whatever age they are, love listening to stories about their childhood and what they used to do.

It will be a night of good laughs and some memories to cherish again.

  • Share household work:

All fun and games on the side, one thing which you should make sure your kids definitely do is take part in the household chores. Assign them a few tasks for the day and make sure that they complete them.

This will make them responsible, and they will learn to manage their time in between different tasks.


With the spring break ahead, we hope this article helped you gather some ideas of how to spend your kid’s spring break. Breaks are essential for kids, and spending them in a great relaxing way is a well-deserved right for them.

Hence, make sure to listen to their ideas and do what they want to do.


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