What’s the easiest way to start a campfire with a lighter?

What’s the easiest way to start a campfire with a lighter?

One thing that is the highlight of the warmer months for many families and groups of friends is going out camping. People genuinely look forward to having a good camping trip, and when someone wants an escape from the city's busy life or the stress of work, camping is a great option.

While camping holds a lot of great aspects to it, which all when added make camping a fun trip, one thing always is the highlight of the night. What is it?

The campfire, definitely. There is nothing more fun on a camping trip than sitting by the fire at night, roasting some S’mores or sausages, singing and sharing stories with friends and family. The laughter that erupts and the memories you make at that point can rarely be compared to anything.


However, lightening a campfire is no joke. It is not as simple as lightening the gas stove in your house. Hence, if you go camping and miss out on the fun that campfire brings because you don’t know how to light it, you have landed at the right place. We have gathered some great tips and tricks that will teach you how to quickly light a campfire with a lighter and make your camping even more memorable. 

Easy way to start a campfire with just a lighter

With backyard camping, while the game is different, in forest camping, you have to go all prepared. So you are out on a camping trip, and as a responsible person, you have kept a matchstick box with you. However, no matter how responsible unfortunate circumstances come uncalled. What if it rains and your matches soak wet, or what if someone drops it on their way during the hike? Anything can happen with the matchbox, right. So, what will you do in such a situation?

Well, it is better to keep a lighter with you as an alternative, and if you haven’t, we are sure any of your friends will have one.

A lighter, while works on the same principle as a matchstick, can be a little harder to start a campfire. However, now you don’t have to worry because we have brought about a very easy way to start a campfire with a lighter for you. 

  • Site Selection

While campsites offer some great places to start a fire when camping in a forest or some ground, you must choose a good site to start a fire. Always choose a place which has flat ground. While a forest is already surrounded by trees, which is a recommended option too, make sure you can find a space near the water as well.

A good site benefits you in a lot of ways. It will help your fire to stay intact for a more extended period, and you will not only have a great place to camp but good scenery to view as well.

  • Build a Fire Ring

The first step should always be to build a fire ring to start a fire. It will keep your fire contained and will prevent it from spreading. If you are at a trusted campsite, they already have such pre-installed fire rings. However, it is beneficial to ask the authority before lightening a fire because, at some places, campfires can be prohibited because of dry periods.

If you are in a forest with no pre-made fire ring, you can create one yourself. Use the base as sand, gravel or mineral soil, and you are good to go. 

  • Collect Fire Wood

The next step to start a campfire with a lighter will be to gather firewood. Firewood will help your fire stay put and keep it lighted for long. The best firewood to choose from is tinder or kindling.

Most of the authorities provide it if you are at a campsite; however, you can take some with you. If in a forest, always try to pick up fallen twigs and branches near your campsite. They make some excellent firewood too. Once the firewood is collected, you move on to the next step.

  • Arrange the Firewood

The tinder and kindling will help your firewood burn with incredible intensity. Hence, before starting a fire arranging your wood is very important. Start by randomly spreading the tinder in the pit. Evaluate what points you will light the tinder and spread kindling over them in crisscross settings. It is always advised to keep extra kindling on hand to help the fire grow. 

  • Light it Now:

Once your kindling and tinder have been set, it is time to light up your fire now. While lighter does cause a tad bit of trouble to ignite because of the small mouth it has, which initiates the flame, it is not impossible to start a fire with it. All the previous steps you took will help to start a fire with a lighter very easily. Keep the lighter upon the tinder for some time so that it catches fire. Do this at multiple points on the tinder. Once done, blow the base of the fire to provide oxygen. The oxygen will increase the intensity of the fire and ignite it more. 

Clean the Fire Before You Leave

While having a fun camping trip is important, what is also important is taking care of your environment. When leaving the campsite, make sure you have extinguished your fire and the ash has cooled down. What else is recommended is to burn wood only and never to put plastic materials in the burning fire. This is because the smoke which will be released from the plastic fumes will be harmful to the environment.

Why are Lighters more convenient than matchsticks?

While lighters are known to be a little hard to start a campfire up, they are more convenient than a matchstick in many aspects.

While matchstick is one-time and can easily blow out, lighters are a more permanent solution. Imagine if it is very windy and your fire keeps on burning out, and you have to restart it again and again. Eventually, your matches will run out at one point. However, a lighter will have more filling than a single box of a matchstick and will last you long.

It is pretty simple to use and more compactable than a matchstick. Apart from this, you will also not have to worry about a thunderstorm making it wet and losing its use, like a matchstick.

Moreover, its size is also very ideal and can fit if you are running short on space.

Be Cautious Around Fire

To start a fire, whatever you are using, whether a lighter or a matchstick, you need to be very cautious around it. Fire is a dangerous element, and if you are out with your family or friends, you have to make sure that the flame stays low and no one goes very near. If you have little children, the necessary precautions are extremely important. No matter how fun a lit fire makes a camping trip, there are some measures one should always take.


Lightening a fire while is a slightly hard job, but camping is not fun without it. Not only does it provide warmth when you are in the wilderness, under the stars, but it also completely changes the vibe of your trip. A blazing fire, some good music and a lot of sausages and marshmallows are all that adds to a great camping trip.

Having a family sit around a fire sharing stories, talking and eating their favorite food is extremely fun and very memorable. In the warmer months, everyone should head out to camp if they want to have a great time and release their stress. Not only is it a great activity, but it gives you an escape from your everyday life.

So if you are someone who enjoys going camping with their friends or family but couldn’t ignite a fire over there because you did not know how to, we hope this helped you understand the easy way to do it. We hope you have a great camping trip next time and that you make a lot of memories too.

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