Autumn Camping Tips For Kids - How to have Fun and stay Safe!

Autumn Camping Tips For Kids - How to have Fun and stay Safe!

Autumn is perhaps the best weather for kids to go camping. The process is deeply intimate and allows kids to unwind, relax, and be with nature for a while. With our KidzAdventure equipment like sleeping bags and camping tents, rest assured, you’ll be having the time of your life spending some quality time with your kids.

Keep Your Devices at Home

We get it. In this modern-day and age, it can be hard for your kids to completely unwind and leave their gadgets behind. However, camping is the perfect place where they can learn to interact with each other and not rely on gadgets for all their communication and Fun.

You should keep a mobile phone or a tablet on standby and stash it in your car in case of any emergencies. However, in most cases, your kiddos will have a lot more Fun snuggled up into their Adventure Theme Kids Sleeping Bag as you sing them a lullaby or read them a bedtime story with the enchanting smell of a freshly burning campfire as they fall asleep.

Stick To Your Usual Routine!

While camping outside can be hectic and tiring, there's a chance that you might wean off from the actual routine that you've adapted at home. However, this is extremely harmful to younger kids as it's very hard for them to assimilate into a different routine in a short period.

You should follow the same rituals for bedtime and nap time and have dinner and lunch simultaneously. Having decent sleep is vital for kids (and you too!), especially if you are going camping for an extended amount of time, as tiring out due to lack of sleep may lead to the kids getting cranky and ruining the experience. 

Set Up Your Camp In Daylight

Camping isn't all that difficult when it comes to it. However, most parents' biggest issue is the inability to set their tents and sleeping beds up on time. Instead, you should set up your camp as soon as you arrive when you have light.

Autumn Camping Tips For Kids

Turn this into a fun activity with your kids! Remind them about their favorite Adventure Theme Camping Tent and how exciting it is to look at all the intricate patterns present in it. The tent is extremely easy to set, so much so that your kids can do that alone with no trouble whatsoever. This lets them experience the joys of setting up their first camp while still staying under the security of the sun.

You can rest easy knowing that the tent can be set up in a few minutes thanks to its 2 Pole EZ setup system, allowing for ideal storage and compartmentalization whenever needed. It's also light enough that your kids can chug it around without feeling any load, allowing them to experience the true merits and joys of hiking on their own!

Make sure you have spots for your sleeping bags up and ready as well. They’ll be having the perfect time with the variety of sleeping bags offered by Kidz Adventure. With tons of unique themes that each cater to your child’s individual choice, your camping will feel much more enjoyable as their creativity runs wild looking at all the unique illustrations present.

Start Practicing Small

Before you go full-on camping, you need to make sure that your kids are ready to experience the joys of going out to the wilds. You should first bring your kids out to the backyard and teach them how to set up their Adventure Theme Camping Tent. After they've gotten used to the process, talk to them about the real dangers of camping and how they should always stick close to you or an adult whenever they go out.

Talk to them about the dangers of wandering off and what they should do in case of an emergency. After that, test out sleeping in the backyard with them! This is an excellent way for you to get used to the tent and for them to also get in the habit of being able to sleep comfortably.

This will help your kids get used to the real deal and assimilate to it much quicker.  Plus, the added effect of having a KidzAdventure family tent is that it comes loaded with fun themes and colors that help bring the tent to life.

Plus, if you want to start even smaller, say in the comfort of your home, you can do so with ease as the compact design makes it an excellent toddler or play tent with its practical functions allowing you to use it outdoor whenever needed as well.

Think About Your Meal Plan

You don't want to spend your entire time camping worrying about what your kids will eat. Instead, you should present some options beforehand before you leave them and ask them to pick out the ones they like the most. That'll help you make your final decision before you pack up.

Make sure to bring in tons of healthy snacks and high-calorie foods as these will provide your kids the energy they need to play around all day without worries of them tiring out. Sweets and chocolates can turn out to be wonderful snacks when your kids go out camping as the instant boost in energy can help them stay fresh and active for long. Just make sure to balance it out with healthy meal options.

When your kids are all tucked into their kids' sleeping bags, make sure to sneak in a few snacks near them if they get hungry overnight. You'll be quite distraught if your kids have their stomachs rumbling in the middle of the night when camping and you have nothing to feed them with! So make sure to pack up.

But, this brings us to our next tip…

Don’t Over Pack!

This might be your first time going out camping with your kids. You simply don't want to miss out on anything. We get it! It can be quite hard, especially when you feel like everything is a necessity. But don't worry, picking up extra toot brushes or hairbrushes won't be necessary. Instead, you should focus on carrying the bare essentials.

For example, you should ensure that you have more than enough meals for your planned journey, a respectable amount of freshwater alongside a first aid kit in case of any emergencies. Moreover, each kid should have a fresh change of clothes, a towel, and a few of their favorite toys to populate their tents with!

Besides that, there isn't a lot that you need. You can keep most of your other items stashed inside your car while you bring only the essentials to your tent. Since you'll be camping in relatively compact, light-weight tents, their inherent benefit is the fact that you won't have to move around a lot of luggage or worry about big tents. So, you should also carry light wherever possible.

Check the Forecast!

Before you go out on your trip, make sure that you have an idea of whether it will rain or snow. While the Adventure Theme Camping Tent does offer basic rain protection and is equipped with a large rainfly to cover the top, it is not suited for heavy rain, and neither is most other camping equipment.

Plus, even if you can live through the rain, it isn't all that Fun for your kids as they won't be able to play much, and neither will you be able to explore the wilderness. Therefore, you should make sure that you have an idea of the weather conditions before you go ahead and plan your trips, as they can ruin the entire experience.

Pick The Right Equipment

Before you go out camping, make sure that everything you have is completely functional and won't cause any issues in the long run. For example, you should check the batteries in your torchlight if your first aid kit is ready to use, alongside making sure your car has a full tank of gas before you leave.

Moreover, you should also make sure that your Kidz Adventure Sleeping Bag is all prepped and ready. Thankfully, whether you are going out in the cold or the warmth, the sleeping bags keep the heat inside, making sure your kids sleep sound and warm.

Plus, do a test run at home and check whether your kids fit in the Kid's size sleeping bag or whether they need a Youth sleeping bag now. As a rule of thumb, the kid’s sleeping bag fits up to 4’5’’ while the Youth size will go up to 5’7’’. Packing incorrectly can completely ruin your experience.

Whether you plan to stay the night or not, you should always pick up a tent-like the Adventure Theme Camping Tent as it can act as a great place to have your meals when you are out camping.


With all these tips under your belt, camping will feel a lot more enjoyable, especially with the assortment of both the Adventure Theme Camping Tent and the Sleeping Bats offered in two different sizes and unique themes that cater to every kid's wildest dreams.

Make sure to stay safe, pack up your meals, and plan your trip accordingly while having a good night's sleep in our sleeping bags to have a good time!

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