4x4 Catch and toss ball game set

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  • Great Outdoor games for kids: At KidzAdveture, we believe nature is good for kids’ minds and we set out to help kids enjoy nature to get smarter and happier. Our Best Friends Toss and Catch ball game set is the best outdoor toys for that purpose.
  • Cute Designs to Attract Kids: If you are an existing KidzAdventure customer, you will surely be familiar with our Adventure theme and Best Friends theme products. This game set has the fun of both. A little tidy bear and a lovely puppy make the best team to play balls. It is 100% guaranteed that your kids will love them!
  • Best Spring and Summer toys to play outside: The catch and toss game is the best outside toys for spring and summer. On the beach, in the backyard, alongside the lake, during a camping trip or just on your front lawn, the kids can play it anywhere at anytime.
  • Perfect size for little ones: 7.25” paddles and 2.5” balls are perfect for the little hands. Toddlers and kids at age 3-4 or 8-10 can all fit the paddles nicely. A 12 yr. old wants to play together? No problem, the extended back handle will even fit an adult hand, making the game set great for the whole family!
  • Water resistant front paddle: Our front paddle is water resistant so you can use it on the sand, but its back paddle is not waterproof so do not use it in the pool.