How to Have a Fun Backyard Campout with Your Kids

How to Have a Fun Backyard Campout with Your Kids

How to Have a Fun Backyard Campout with Your Kids

In the warmer season, what many families prefer is, camping outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to book a campsite or go to a forest and pitch a tent; at times, you can have a fun camp out in your backyard too.

That is right! Backyard camping is a thing, and in many cases, loved by families. If you cannot book your favorite campsite, are unable to go out this time for camping, or if this is your first time camping and just want to see how well your kids will adjust to the idea of sleeping and spending time outside, then a backyard campout is definitely your, go-to option.

It is very convenient but it also gives a very real camping experience.

In case you are wondering if your kids will have a good time or how you will keep them entertained, then you have come to the right place because we have some ideas for you. 

Why a Backyard?

There are a few reasons why a backyard is a great option to camp out, especially when you have kids.

  • Lesser Cost: When you have a big family or small kids, your expenses are already touching the roof. Hence, sometimes it cannot be easy to either drive to a site with your kids or simply a little unaffordable to pay for a campsite. In such situations, backyards turn out to be some pretty great options for people who want to have a real camping experience.
  • Far easier and convenient: If you are a first-timer at camping, or if it is your kid’s first time sleeping in camps, then a backyard can be the best option. It not only will help you evaluate how well your kids adjust to the particular setting, but in case they feel uncomfortable, you can shift them inside.

How to Have a Fun Backyard Camping with your Kids?

With this out of the way as to why backyards can be a great campsite spot for families with children, let us help you out in how you can keep your kids entertained while at the campsite.

Kids are pretty innocent; however, one thing with them is that they get bored easily if entertained with the same thing for a long time. However, it is also not very difficult to make them engage in something new and easily forget their boredom.  The only thing you need is to know what your kids prefer the most and a few tricks on how to keep them entertained.

However, there are only limited resources you can take with you to camping, even if it’s outside in your backyard. If you are confused about how you will entertain your little or older ones, then we are here for the rescue. 

Pack the Limited Necessities

It doesn’t matter if you are right outside your home and can grab things again if you forget them. To give your kids a real camping experience, make sure to list down all the necessary basic things required for camping and take them once with you. From the tent to the first aid box, and a few games to keep your children entertained should all be on the list.

However, necessities vary from family to family, and hence everyone will have a different list. So stick to what you think is your need. 

Involve the Kids

Everyone likes feeling involved or important in situations, and kids work on the same functionality. So when you are camping in your backyard, make your kids feel involved in all the tasks instead of doing all of them yourself, from pitching tents to teaching them how to light a fire without a match stick or lighter. Once your kids have helped set the tent, let them decide where they want to sleep to give them a little more control over the whole experience.

 All this will keep them involved and possibly make them fall in love with the idea of camping.

Pack Their Favorite Food

camping food

Good food is equal to a good mood, stands true in most cases when children are involved. There is nothing happier for kids to get their favorite food while on a picnic or campsite. It just makes their time even better.

While some junk or healthy foods like chips, sandwiches, candies are a must, what makes camping special is roasting by the fire.

So make sure to pack a few hotdogs, all the S’more’s ingredients, and a few other items you can roast on the fire and enjoy with your kids. This will be a whole different experience for them that they certainly will enjoy.

Camp Site Activities

The tent has been pitched, and their favorite junk food are out. So what’s next? You don’t want them to feel that camping is just setting a tent and getting to eat their favorite chips, right? Because it definitely isn’t limited to all this.

Here are a few campsite activities you can do to keep your little ones entertained:

  • Pack their favorite board games. What else are the best time pass and a great family bonding activity than a board game? Whether you have a monopoly, scrabble, and if some space, a carom board will do, take it along with you. If you are short on space, then deck cards like UNO or spades will work fine as well.
  • Apart from board games, other games can be played to keep your little ones entertained. If you feel like your kids aren’t interested in the board games, try a few truth and dare rounds or play Simon Says. Definitely the two most popular games among children.
  • You may be in the backyard, but lightening a fire will definitely be the highlight of the night for your kids if you have the means. While you may want them to stay away from fire, they definitely will be intrigued by it. So making them sit and teaching them how to light a fire without a matchstick or lighter can not only entertain them but is pretty informative too.
  • The fire has been lit, and you all are comfortable around it. It’s time to roast a few things now. What is camping if the roasting is not involved. While we mentioned packing a few roasting items, like hot dogs and marshmallows, it is time to take them out now. Take some sticks, roast those hot dogs and S’mores, and we are sure your children will enjoy.
  • While you may have kept a whole lot of junk to enjoy, cooking a hearty meal with your family compares to nothing. Make sure to pack a few ingredients to make a simple meal, and when at the campsite, cook together with your family.
  • Lastly, there is nothing better than sharing a few stories. One thing children absolutely love is hearing their parents talk about times when they were young and the stories about it. Make your children share about their life too. This will not only be a great bonding session but will make your children realize the importance of having a family. A few horror stories are always a great idea too.

Make some Rules

While you may be out to enjoy, a few set rules will not hurt anyone. Make your children realize the rules of the campsite beforehand. A few rules which you definitely must keep involve:

  • Not going in the house once the camping has started. You may be camping in your backyard, near the premises of your house, but that doesn’t mean you should fall short of having a real camping experience. Going in and out of the house will break the flow of having a real campsite-like camping experience, and it may not just be as fun. So make sure to head out with every important thing once only.
  • Mobile devices and tech gadgets have become a common use for children. However, when going out camping, make a rule to leave these items back at home. Camping is supposed to be a time for some outdoor experiences and family bonding, so make sure your children stay away from their devices when out camping.
  • Make sure to keep your noise levels to a limit. It would be best if you also kept in mind is that while you are in an open space, it is your backyard and not an official campsite or forest. So your neighbors will be near you still. Make sure to dance, sing, and enjoy but keep all the noise to a limited volume. This will prevent you from disturbing their sleep.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun Yourself

This might have been an article for you to understand how to keep your kids occupied and entertained while having camping outside in your backyard, but don’t forget it is your time to enjoy too.

You live a hectic work life every day; hence a little camping trip brings you peace and keeps your mind off stuff as well. Hence, while entertaining the kids and making sure that they are having fun, don’t forget to enjoy yourself.


Camping is a great family activity and is being adopted very much now. There is nothing more relaxing than being out in nature and having some quality time with family and friends.

With everyday life becoming so hectic and people being surrounded by work and deadlines most of the time, there is no better thing than stepping out of your house into nature and spending a night beneath the stars.

It gives you the out you need and gives you the boost for all the coming workdays ahead. When kids are involved, planning everything helps a lot and makes things go smoothly. We hope these pieces of advices helped you to plan a great trip with your kids and that you have wonderful camping with your family.

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